Wild Raspberry Kombucha, 10 x 350ml, Organic
Wild Raspberry Kombucha, 10 x 350ml, Organic
Wild Raspberry Kombucha, 10 x 350ml, Organic

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Wild Raspberry Kombucha, 10 x 350ml, Organic

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Wild Raspberry kombucha instantly switches you on holiday mode. Refreshing and sweet raspberry is perfectly balanced with a hint of ginger and lemon juice.

Volume: 350 mL / bottle

The price includes a deposit: 10 cents /bottle


Kombucha bottles need to be stored in the refrigerator at +2...+6 degrees.


Kombucha (filtered water, beet sugar*, green tea*, black tea*, kombucha culture*), raspberry*, ginger*, lemon juice*, carbon dioxide. *organic

Nutritional content / 100ml

100 ml:
Calories 19,
Fat <0.1g of which saturated fat <0.1g,
Carbohydrate 4.7g of which sugars 4.7g,
Protein 0g,
Salt 0g,
Caffeine <8,6mg.


Kombucha is delivered to the pick-up point of your choice or directly to your home. Kombucha is delivered in ambient temperature. As a general rule, our kombucha withstands transportation well at room temperature, but please pick up the package as soon as it arrives. Orders placed at the end of the week will be shipped at the beginning of the next week. This way we ensure the bottles don't spend too long time out of the fridge.

What is?

The Good Guys Kombucha

The Good Guys kombucha is brewed with the finest tea grades and ingredients in Pirkkala, Finland. Our kombucha in glass bottle must be kept in the fridge (+2...+6). At room temperature the yeast may start to re-ferment resulting in a fizzy mess upon opening the bottle.

We live by the "No Added Nonsense" principle. In our kombucha you will not find preservatives,
artificial colors, or additives. This is how we maintain our kombucha as natural as possible. Life is
unique and that applies to kombucha too. There are no two identical batches of kombucha, so slight changes in flavour and carbonation between batches may occur.