Our Values

The Good Guys is a Finnish organic kombucha brewery founded in 2018, whose mission is to help people, communities and the environment by producing healthy, environmentally friendly and alcohol-free drinks. We make kombucha from the world's best ingredients, respecting traditional fermentation methods.


The Good Guys has grown from a small brewery of a group of friends to a team of 5 people. Our brewery is located in Pirkkala, Finland.

Our team is growing and we're excited to continue brewing delicious kombucha for cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, yoga studios, and gyms in Finland. Currently we are expanding to other European countries so that more people can enjoy a can of The Good Guys kombucha.
We'll always be committed to quality, so that every sip of The Good Guys kombucha is delicious and healthy. We're constantly developing new kombucha flavors and functional drinks that we hope will surprise and delight you.