XL Kombucha Scoby, 100% Organic

XL Kombucha Scoby, 100% Organic

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Kombucha mother, aka Scoby (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast). Nurtured with love in warm, hygienic conditions. Fed with organic cane sugar and organic high quality teas. Regularly spoken to (affectionally of course). 13 - 15 cm in diameter healthy XL Scoby comes in strong starter liquid ready to brew up to 5 liters of kombucha. All Scobys are 100 % guaranteed to work when brewed according to instructions. Grown in Finland in facilities inspected and approved by the Finnish Food Authority. 

The Good Guys Scobys are never dehydrated or frozen. 

Join the  Kombucha Community by The Good Guys Facebook group and learn more. 

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