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"Wise Monkey", 2016 Shou pu'er cake, 250g

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2016 shou pu’er from Yong De region in Yunnan, China. Thick, sweet and slightly creamy flavour. An excellent everyday pu’er with a strong grounding / calming effect. This pu’er will develop in flavour over the coming months and years. The cake brews approx. 150 bowls of astounding tea. Pu’er cake is also a great gift for a friend or relative. 

What is pu'er?

Pu’er tea is fermented tea from Yunnan region in China. It is divided in two categories: sheng (raw pu’er) and shou (ripe pu’er). Ripe pu’er is made by wet piling ("wo dui" in Chinese) unpressed raw pu’er to piles approx. 1 meter in height and allowing it to ferment around 45 days. Naturally occurring bacteria and yeast speed up the biochemical processes in the leaves and “matures” it quicker. Shou pu’er was originally develop as a way to mature sheng pu’er more rapidly. Shou pu’er is very interesting and multifaceted tea.

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