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Tea blend sample pack - 5 x 30g

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Please note that some of the packets in this sample pack has a best before date of 31.1.2022.

Are you having a hard time choosing which tea blend to get for the next batch of kombucha? Why not have them all and try out which works best for you? Tea blends come in convenient 30 grams bag which brews approximately 4 - 8 liters of kombucha. 

The Good Guys Signature Blend, organic

Our signature blend featuring both black and green tea in just right proportions. The Signature Blend is the result of laborious work of testing numerous tea combinations for that perfect kombucha. The black tea brings great fruity flavour balancing the green tea's dry apple cider notes. The Good Guys Signature Blend works as a solid base for first fermentation.

Ingredients: Green tea*, black tea*


Cook Island

Embark on a journey to a tropical island where hot maritime air fills your senses. The natural sweetness of oolong tea balances bitter notes of mate bringing out the best qualities of both. With Cook Island tea blend you keep brewing excellent kombucha until you set out for that trip in real life.

Ingredients: Oolong tea, yerba mate*


Last Samurai, organic

The secret weapon of the samurai. Skin flask full of super herbs ready to help you focus, bring energy, boost antioxidant levels, and great taste for peace or battle. Last Samurai is an amazing combo of the best fermentable teas and herbs for kombucha. Contains green tea, black tea, white tea, rooibos, and mate.

Ingredients: Green tea*, black tea*, white tea*, rooibos*, yerba mate*


Pigeon's Delight

Beautiful combination of green and oolong tea. Oolong's natural sweetness complements the dry apple cidery notes of green tea. Pigeon's Delight brews delicious kombucha.

Ingredients: Green tea*, oolong tea


Savanna Sunset, luomu

The perfect companion on a hot day. Slight sweetness from honeybush blends well with bitter notes of mate creating a great combo. Green tea sets the scene with its slight apple cider notes. Savanna Sunset tea blend takes your kombucha to another level.

Ingredients: Green tea*, honeybush*, yerba mate*


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