Clay tea bowl

Product image 1Clay tea bowl
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Product image 4Clay tea bowl
Product image 5Clay tea bowl
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These beautiful tea bowls are handmade in Finland. The bowls are specifically designed for a great tea drinking experience.

Design: The Good Guys and JP Studiokeramiikka

Produced: Jari Puttonen / JP Studiokeramiikka

The rounded shape of these bowls bring out the aromas in tea better than regular cups. The lip of the bowl has been designed to settle nicely on your lip to enhance the drinking experience. You'll need two hands to hold the bowl; this encourages you to stay grounded and focus on the tea at hand. The bowls have matte glazing on the outer and inner surfaces and each bowl holds approximately 200ml. 

Dishwasher safe.

Please note:
Metal objects, such as spoons, may leave marks on the glazing. We suggest you use wooden or other soft materials when mixing anything in the bowl.

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