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Matcha whisk

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This beautiful hand crafted bamboo matcha whisk is an essential tool in preparing your matcha at home. Using a whisk makes it easier to mix the powdered matcha in water.

In Japanese tea ceremonies matcha is traditionally prepared by whisking matcha using a handmade bamboo whisk. This method ensures a smooth and velvety drink. Having your own daily tea ceremony helps focus and reduces stress. Close your eyes and imagine being in the gorgeous mountain views of Japan!

A bamboo matcha whisk is easy to use and a well looked after whisk is durable. Over time, the whisk changes form and the prongs will beautifully bloom. The best way to store the whisk is on a ceramic whisk holder, which helps with maintaining the shape and protects the whisk from damage.

 Packaged in a paper carton instead of the usual plastic carton, reducing plastic waste.

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