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Matcha tea set

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We've put together a matcha tea set, which offers the key items for you to make the perfect cup of lovely matcha! 

The Good Guys Matcha is a ceremonial grade green tea powder from the Fujieda region in Japan. This high quality product is made 100% from Yabukita tea leaves and it makes a rich and energising drink. Using a bamboo whisk helps you mix the tea powder to get a velvety tea. To keep your whisk in a good condition, we've added a ceramic whisk holder to give the whisk the love and support it needs. 

Step by step instructions:

1. Take one table spoon of matcha-powder and sift it into a bowl. 
2. Add 70ml of hot water (approximately 80°C)
3. Use a bamboo whisk to mix for 15 seconds.
4. Your matcha drink is ready when it has a lovely jade green colour and there are no clumps visible.
5. Enjoy your freshly prepared matcha drink!

Matcha-latte: add 250ml of hot oat milk and enjoy.

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