Guayusa - tisane, organic

Product image 1Guayusa - tisane, organic
Product image 2Guayusa - tisane, organic
Product image 3Guayusa - tisane, organic
Product image 4Guayusa - tisane, organic

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Guayusa (Ilex guayusa) is a holly tree from the Amazon rainforest with leaves that make a soft, liquorice-like herbal tea. The plant has naturally high levels of caffeine* and L-theanine. Guayusa has been used for thousands of years by native tribes in the Amazon to boost their energy and to strengthen their connection with Mother Earth.

*average 4.2 mg / cl, steeping time 4-6 min with 3 grams of dried leaf.

Ingredients: Guayusa plant**


Country of origin: Equador.

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