The Good Guys Fermentation Kit
The Good Guys Fermentation Kit
The Good Guys Fermentation Kit

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The Good Guys Fermentation Kit

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Fermenting vegetables have never been this easy!
Fermentation Kit includes everything you need for making sauerkraut, kimchi, pickled cucumbers, and other fermented vegetables. Fermenting is easy and affordable way to make healthy food at home.

  • Instructions for sauerkraut and kimchi to get you started.
  • Glass weight keeps vegetables submerged easily and reduces risk of mold.
  • Fermentation lid lets excess pressure out during fermentation – no more daily burping.
  • Mark the starting date with the fermentation lid to accurately track fermentation time.
  • Glass weights and fermentation jars are dishwasher safe.
Package includes
  • 2 x 700 ml glass fermentation jar
  • 2 x glass weight
  • 2 x fermentation lid
  • 2 x metal split lid
  • Instructions