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Booch Box Signature Edition, 10 x 350ml selection

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Our Signature Edition Booch Box has a new 2022 version!
In this box you get a selection of our most loved flavours of kombucha:

2 bottles of Sencha Green Tea - Smooth and mellow, this green tea kombucha resembles sweet apple cider
2 bottles of Fresh Ginger - Fresh and perky ginger kombucha
2 bottles of Strawberry & Basil - Bursting with flavours of strawberries and a lovely tone of basil
2 bottles of Wild Raspberry - Mesmerizing combination of raspberry, ginger and lemon
2 bottles of Grapefruit Hops - Organic Cascade and Pacific Gem hops with refreshing pink grapefruit

Price includes 0,10 € glass bottle deposit.

    The Good Guys kombucha is brewed with the finest tea grades and ingredients. Our kombucha is always living and raw, meaning that the good guys have not been pasteurized. Kombucha culture may be present in the bottle which is a sign of life and a high-quality product. It is perfectly safe to consume the kombucha culture.

    Always keep your kombucha cool (+2...+6). At room temperature the yeast and bacteria may start to re-ferment resulting in a fizzy mess upon opening the bottle.

    We live by the "No Added Nonsense" principle. In our kombucha you will not encounter preservatives, colorants, or additives. All our flavours come from real organic ingredients, not from concentrate or extracts. This is how we maintain our kombucha as natural as possible. Life is unique and that applies to kombucha too. There are no two identical batches of kombucha, so slight changes in flavour and carbonation level are to be expected.


    Kombucha is delivered in ambient temperature. Generally delivery times are quick enough to avoid adverse effects on kombucha quality. Any orders for kombucha placed at the end of the week will be shipped at the beginning of the upcoming week. This way we can ensure the bottles don't spend too long out of a fridge. Please collect your order fast and keep kombucha refrigerated to avoid possible re-fermentation in the bottles.

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